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The Invitation 2022

The Invitation is a 2022 American supernatural horror thriller film written and directed by Jessica M. Thompson, co-written by Blair Butler and produced by Emile Gladstone. The authors admitted that they were inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. The main role was played by actress Nathalie Emmanuelle, who is remembered for her role as Missandei from Game of Thrones. The release of the film belongs to the film company Sony Pictures. Watch free The Invitation MoviesJoy online in HD. 

In the center of the plot of the mystical horror film “Invitation” is a young girl, Evie, who recently lost her mother and, left without relatives, feels unusual loneliness. She decides to do a DNA test and in an extensive system finds her close relatives living in a chic mansion in the outback of old Britain. Evie meets with her cousin Oliver Alexander III and immediately receives an invitation to come to a magnificent wedding, where she can meet the entire extended family of newfound relatives, which her mother categorically avoided.

Upon arrival, Evie is introduced to important aristocratic-looking guests, and among them is the charming Walter Devin, who immediately begins to show interest in the girl. All the eyes of the guests are riveted to this elegant couple, and Evie cannot understand the hidden interest in their eyes. To your question: “Where are the newlyweds?” She receives an answer that she will see them tomorrow, which somewhat surprises her. The situation is heating up the girl is ready to run to go home, but who will let her go?! The trap closed. And the next day she goes down the aisle with a smiling and sweet Walter, although she knows for sure that she did not plan this wedding.

In the hall, many guests are in masks and chic clothes, they have fun until Walter announces the name of the bride, and the owner of the mansion cuts the throat of one of the girls and fills the glasses with blood. Here Evie is finally confirmed in her guesses – her closest relatives are vampires. It’s too late to run somewhere, the horrors are just beginning.