Film Review: Dune: Part Two 2024

Dune Two

Following a delay caused by the dual Hollywood strikes that occurred last year, the highly awaited sequel to Dune has finally arrived in theaters across the country as director Denis Villeneuve’s next chapter. To surpass the success of the first film and its box office performance, Villeneuve and the entire team have managed to accomplish this goal by delivering a larger-scale sequel that further enriches the world and narrative. Beginning right after the initial movie, Dune: Part Two Afdah continues the journey of Paul Atreides and Lady Jessica as they team up with the Fremen of Arrakis after the downfall of the House of Atreides. Seeking retribution against the Harkonnens and the Emperor, the duo navigates through their intertwined destinies while Paul’s bond with Chani deepens. 

Dune: Part Two takes the already impressive foundation set by its predecessor and elevates it to new heights. The film not only intensifies the action but also delves deeper into the story and characters, making it even more captivating. One particularly thrilling sequence showcases Paul’s journey as he strives to gain the trust of the Fremen by mastering the art of summoning and riding a sandworm. The sheer magnitude of the colossal worm emerging from the sandy planet, coupled with the meticulous sound design that immerses viewers in the arduous task, truly exemplifies the technical brilliance of Dune: Part Two and highlights Villeneuve’s remarkable achievement with this film.


The cinematography throughout the film is stunning, reaching its peak during a captivating visit to Giedi Prime, the Harkonnens’ home. The use of monochrome in this scene makes both the actors and the set truly stand out, leaving the audience mesmerized. Director Villeneuve and cinematographer Greig Fraser make daring visual choices throughout the film, such as depicting Lady Jessica’s sentient fetus communicating with her visually rather than through a disembodied voice. These bold and colorful visuals, combined with Hans Zimmer’s ethereal score that incorporates tribal elements of the Fremen, create an audio-visual experience that is truly exceptional and brings the theatrical experience to life. In this second installment, the film not only surpasses its predecessor in terms of its bombast and grand scale but also in its storytelling. We witness Paul’s transformation from a young and inexperienced prince to a reluctant savior, and finally into a forceful and commanding leader.