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Three Thousand Years of Longing

The city of Istanbul often hosts interesting events that change people’s lives. The woman heard about this far more than once, so having collected the last money, she rushed to Istanbul to experience happiness. Watch free movie Three Thousand Years of Longing MoviesJoy in HD. 

At first, everything went absolutely terribly, because the woman’s luggage and all things were stolen, so she was left on the street, in fact, alone, without money and any things. At the very moment when she despaired and accepted the fact that now she would not be able to return home, the woman was lucky enough to find a lamp with a genie. At first, she did not pay much attention to this lamp, but when she realized that it could be sold profitably on the market, she immediately took it in her hands. She was lying among a pile of rubbish in a landfill, so no one could even imagine that there could be a genie inside. The woman decided to rub the lamp, after which a genie appeared, who undertook to fulfill any three wishes. What awaits the woman? It is quite possible that now she will be able to change her life, make it better with the help of three innermost desires that the genie promised to fulfill. However, it gradually turns out that three wishes are not enough, so the woman decides to cheat in order to use the genie’s powers to the maximum and chain him to her for a long time.