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Samaritan 2022

American science fiction action movie “Samaritan” in the original “Samaritan” with elements of modern urban fantasy from the streaming service Amazon Prime Video is based on the comic book of the same name by Bragy F. Watch free movie Samaritan MoviesJoy online in 1080p HD.

Shute and Mark-Oliver Frisch. The film was directed by Julius Avery and adapted by comic book writer Bragy F. Shute. The main role was played by Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone. The film had a long way to the screens, because due to various global reasons, its premiere was postponed several times.Samaritan is set more than two decades after an epic superhero-supervillain showdown. After defeating evil, the main character disappears from the attention of the residents of the city of Granite City and gradually they forget about the hero who repeatedly saved them from crime. The fictional Granite City is a megalopolis teeming with skyscrapers, cars, and intruders. While working as a scavenger, aged Joe Smith, still a robust old man, spends his days fishing various valuable items out of garbage cans and giving them new life – this hobby helps a man pass the time.

This simple and honest life comes to an end when Joe meets a boy named Sam. One day, Joe stands up for Sam when the boy is attacked by a crowd of hooligans. Sam has a suspicion that his savior is the same superhero Samaritan who supposedly died 25 years ago. At first, Joe denies this conjecture, but then nevertheless admits that it is true. When the car hits the old man, Sam sees how surprisingly he rises from the roadway without visible damage. The main character still has super strength and is completely invulnerable to bullets.

Sam encourages his new friend to put on his superhero uniform again and rid Granite City of a wave of new crime. If during the day it is not calm here, then every night bandits come out into the streets of the city ready to kill or rob anyone who falls under their arm. The city needs a protector. Sam tries with his questions to awaken an interest in life in an old man who died away many years ago. Sometimes he looks at his bent superhero helmet that he hasn’t worn for a long time and thinks that all heroism is in the past. But this boy found the string of the soul and touched it, now the city can be revived because the superhero is back in business.