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Toby, played by George MacKay from “1917,” is a young graffiti artist who has the unusual habit of painting his art in the private homes of the wealthy and powerful rather than in public. Watch free movie I Came By MoviesJoy in HD.

Toby, along with his pal Jay (Percelle Ascott), breaks into expensive homes and writes “I Came By” on a wall. Why? It’s unclear, but Toby probably wants to emphasise to those who are isolated from society that they, too, are vulnerable. He’ll discover that this isn’t always the case.

Toby decides to do the next job on his own after Jay breaks up the duo because his girlfriend’s pregnancy causes him to change his priorities. This leads him to the home of Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville, relishing the opportunity to transform his stately demeanour into something menacing), a former judge who appears to be a prominent member of his community. Toby finds a light under a hidden door in Blake’s basement and discovers, well, you’ve probably seen “Don’t Breathe.”

However, it is not quite that film because Toby does not engage in a battle of wills with Blake. The focus of “I Came By” shifts to Toby’s mother (Kelly Macdonald), who is increasingly concerned that her 23-year-old son has vanished from the face of the earth. Her search for him brings her into Jay’s life, and Anvari and co-writer Namsi Khan have at least one more POV ride ahead of them as their film piece together the story of Blake’s dark secrets and Toby’s fate.