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Rubikon 2022 Movie

The film takes place in 2056. Astronaut scientists Anna (Julia Franz Richter) and Kevin (George Blagden) are on the newest space station hovering above the Earth, studying the respiratory cycle of algae, which in the future will be able to provide humanity with an infinite amount of oxygen and vital substances. Watch FlixTor movies online without paying for any plans on the other platform.

The captain of the ship Dmitry Krylov (Mark Ivanir) oversees the work of young specialists. At some point, Kevin notices a strange cloud of fog in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. Nobody knows what it is. After the electric lights on the planet begin to go out under the influence of this mysterious clot, the crew members begin to panic. Scientists are trying to contact the Earth, but to no avail: no one answers. Are all people dead?
It turns out that some of the earthlings still managed to survive. People are in the bunker, but every hour their chances of survival are decreasing due to the toxic cloud that envelops the entire planet. Tension is brewing on board as crew members have different ideas of what to do next. Anna is convinced that their moral mission is to save the survivors, but the experienced captain of the ship does not want to risk the lives of the astronauts. The technologies that scientists have developed on the ship will allow crew members to live off Earth and become the progenitors of a new civilization. But is it possible to abandon those who remained on Earth? Whatever decision the astronauts make, one thing is clear: any choice will be fatal.