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House of the Dragon 2022 Review

The brave and courageous warrior Aegon the Conqueror has always dreamed of having a huge army in order to subjugate countless peoples to his influence. The cunning handsome man understood that he would have to competently attack the nearest fortress of Westeros.

She was well guarded and protected. That is why it was necessary to take into account all the difficulties. Surprisingly, the locals found out about his attitude towards dragons. It turns out that he got along well with them. And on the battlefield, they always obeyed his instructions. So, he managed to remain invincible and intimidating. And if ordinary people instantly died under an unsurpassed flame. House of the Dragon season 1 series online for free on LostFilm.
Then his relatives of the Targaryen clan could also boast of similar skills. It turned out that he is far from the only representative of the great family who wants to take the coveted place on the throne. It is amazing how the unpredictable story of endless battles and struggle for power will end. In an attempt to gain power, all means are acceptable to them. Who can be smarter and more pragmatic than the rest? The real battle will unfold between loved ones who are unable to find a way out.

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