The Summoned 2022 Movie Review & Film Summary

For the creation of a biblical horror, the plot is manageably substantial. The characters aren’t strange in isolation, but their concentration in one place creates tension. The tension is heightened by their interactions with one another. Free movie The Summoned 2022 Flixtor Site.

Every conversation conceals more than it expresses, and body language suggests hostility. The tension is effectively translated in many ways. However, given how the actors are forced to act their parts, the proceedings have a campy tone. They all have distinct behavioural characteristics that are tinged with deception. In all other technical departments, the film adheres to genre conventions in shot compositions and editing choices.

Is The Summoned a good horror film? No, I’m afraid. The shaky cinematography comes across as gimmicky. There are jumpscares and plenty of creepiness, but these alone aren’t enough to keep the audience interested. Almost nothing makes one fear for the outcome of current events, and the film becomes overly verbose on several occasions. The sound design is enhanced because all sequences are accompanied by one or more sound effects that overpower the visuals. The visuals themselves are not frightening. I believe that any sequence would have had a greater psychological impact if it had been shot with more excellent stability.