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THE PREY Legend of Karnoctus

Distant Afghanistan is becoming a dangerous territory where military clashes take place. A particular threat comes from areas located in hard-to-reach places. The information coming from there worries the American command, which sends a unit of experienced soldiers who have been in hot spots to enemy soil. Specially trained men have no idea what they will have to face on the scorched, blasted earth. An armed group is sent to the Middle East to understand the situation and decide on further actions. Movie THE PREY Legend of Karnoctus 2022 FlixTor watch online for free in good quality hd 720.

The unit meets a grouping with mercenaries there and enters into a confrontation. But soon they will have to conserve ammo and strength in order to survive in a fight with a mysterious monster. An ordinary cave where the fighters get hides terrible secrets, and a creature that has settled in the depths declares a real war on them. The ruthless and bloodthirsty killer, who does not react to the fired bullets, is ready to offer fierce resistance to those who disturbed his peace. The united soldiers set up an ambush and hope to draw out the creature. Vega, Tugger, Reed and comrades are trying to find a weak point in an unkillable monster with a special warfare tactic.