Hot Seat 2022 Movie Review & Film Summary

Hot Seat 2022 400

Friar, who holds the position of an information technology expert, is completely unexpectedly faced with an unexpected discovery: an unknown attacker has hidden a real bomb under his chair. Watch free movie Hot Seat 2022 FlixTor Movies online in HD.

The criminal who pulled this off turns to the hero with rather serious demands. If he wants to stay safe and sound and be able to leave the workplace without consequences, he will have to try hard, while violating the laws of his country. The goal of a man who was a great hacker in the past is to hack into the system of a banking institution equipped with a high level of protection. His security system is perfect, and therefore it will be almost impossible to get close to it, although they leave Friar no other way out. He will have to not only hack, but also withdraw all funds to the specified account. If he does not cope with this task, both he and the daughter of the hero will lose their lives. Pretty nervous, he starts trying to fulfill the requirement. Meanwhile, a police officer is sent to him. He must rescue the intruder’s victim from the booby-trapped chair by disarming the bomb. But there are some difficulties on his way to achieving his goal.