Review of Interceptor 2022 Movie | Film Summary

Interceptor 2022

Streaming platform Netflix presents the action-packed thriller “Interceptor” in the original “Interceptor / Interceptor”. This film was the directorial debut of screenwriter and writer Matthew Reilly. The film is executive produced by actor Chris Hemsworth. He is also the husband of Elsa Pataky, the actress who played the title role. She is known for her role in the Fast & Furious franchise. Her co-star in the film will be actor Luke Bracey from the movie. Watch free movie interceptor moviesjoy online in HD.

For her role, Elsa Pataky studied over 800 stunt moves over the course of almost six months. In preparation for the film, the actress was assisted by stunt double Hayley Wright and stunt coordinator Ingrid Kleinig, who together developed a fighting style that combined speed and agility to make fighting men look more realistic on screen. The action scenes were consulted by Sam Hargrave, who directed the hit action movie “Tyler Rake: The Rescue Operation” starring Chris Hemsworth.

The plot of the action-packed action movie “Intercept” is a young woman, Captain JJ Collins, who, due to her complex nature, was fired from a high position in the Pentagon and sent for further service to a lonely base where nuclear missiles are intercepted. The base is on a platform that sticks out alone in the sea on which no one wants to serve, but for Collins this is the last task, and she is patiently going to wait for the end of her service life, but the situation changes in one moment.

This interceptor platform protects against a nuclear attack, but an unauthorized removal of the missile occurs, and those present understand that they have been attacked by the enemy. Seven terrorists have taken over the ship and now they want to take over the command center. They have 16 nuclear missiles on board and the center prevents them from carrying out a nuclear attack. The Pentagon authorities are very concerned about the situation, since there is no way to evacuate cities that can be fired at by a nuclear salvo.

The leader of the terrorists, Alexander Kessel, considered all sorts of options, but he did not know one thing, that there would be a strong and courageous woman on the platform, capable of holding back his team and preventing the explosion. He is a former US military intelligence officer who has big plans for the base and is not going to stop. Minutes from the attack, Collins must use years of tactical training and military experience to stop Kessel and his mercenaries from completing their mission.