Review of Crimes of the Future 2022 Movie | Film Summary

Crimes of the Future 2022

Fantasy film by Canadian director David Cronenberg is a remake of his 1970 film. The modern version of the fantastic story shows the near future of mankind, when people’s lives were changed by the “accelerated evolution syndrome”. The director’s new project has its own script, different from the previous one, but based on a different story. The plot was based on an unrealized script twenty years ago, and not a film half a century ago. According to the authors of the film, it is a return to the origins of body horror with elements of the noir genre. Free movie Crimes of the Future 2022 Afdah website in HD. 

The film will take place in the foreseeable future, in which humanity evolves, which leads to a change in the biological structure of people. Under these conditions, performance artist Saul Tenser develops accelerated development syndrome, resulting in new and unexpected organs appearing in his body. He grows new organs for the entertainment of the public, which his wife Kapriz helps him to amputate in front of everyone. Their removal to the public becomes a new art form that attracts not only fans, but also the government.

Humanity is trying to adapt to a synthetic environment, and along the way, evolution changes the natural state of people and leads to rapid metamorphoses, which some gladly accept, while others try to forbid. This action annoys the authorities, but in the transhumanist subculture he is becoming very popular and is now preparing for his greatest performance.