Review of There Are No Saints 2022 | Film Summary

There Are No Saints 2022

There Are No Saints 2022 is a Mexican-American crime thriller directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa. Produced by Latam Pictures. Starring: Shannyn Sossamon, Jose Maria Jaspik, Paz Vega, Neil McDonough, Keidrich Sellati, Tommy Flanagan and others. Free movie There Are No Saints 2022 FlixTor in HD. 

At the center of this cold and dark story will be a bandit accused on false evidence named Neto (Jose Maria Yazpik), who is most often called the Jesuit. Years earlier, he was tried and convicted of the murder of a woman, but over time it turned out that it was all a set-up, and the innocent man spent several years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. We meet Neto when he is released from prison. Thus begins a story of redemption in which Neto tries to abandon his past life and reconcile with his ex-wife Nadia (Paz Vega), hoping to join in raising his young son Julio (Ceidrih Sellati).

Julio loves to draw, and often the father becomes the object of his drawings as a saint, the one he saw on the icons. Nadia explains to Neto that Julio truly considers him a saint. This makes the protagonist think about his previous deeds, which were far from holy deeds. He wants to make things right, so he comes to the church and refuses the offer to rejoin the gang he was once a part of.

Meanwhile, Neto learns that Nadia is dating Vincent (Neal McDonough), who is supposedly in real estate. But no one knows that Vincent has a real illegal business. When he finds Nadia and Neto together, he, burning with jealousy, kills her, and then sends his thugs to kidnap Julio. Now Neto is left with no choice but to abandon his quest for redemption, return to the path of crime in order to save his son and take on the mission of revenge for the murder of his wife. And he will do anything to find out the whereabouts of the villain.