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Persuasion 2022

Persuasion 2022 Movie. The key events that are actively unfolding in the upcoming dramatic film will send the audience back to the distant nineteenth century. Here you will have to get acquainted with a rather proud family, where the fair sex lives. Ann Elliot is an incredibly attractive person who is a lonely person. Exactly eight years have passed since then, when a combination of certain circumstances forced her to make a difficult choice, going against her will. The beauty refused the experienced mutual love for Captain Frederick. The reason for this is the low social status of the beloved, or rather, the condemnation of such a fact by relatives close by blood.

Now, as one involuntarily gets the impression, there is a chance to fix everything. After all, family status is going through no better quality times, and everything is on the verge of total bankruptcy. But the uncertainty of being the first to take a step towards rapprochement, to a large extent, postpones such prospects for the near future. And in the future, the situation is completely complicated by unpredictable actions of the force majeure genre, which cannot be avoided.