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She Will 2022 Movie Review – DownPit. Known in the past, Veronica Ghent was left without fans and work. A talented and beautiful actress, she starred in popular films and could choose who to say yes to. But the proposals became less and less, until the woman lost everything. She was left with memories of past glory and unfriendly whispers of envious people behind her back. She was wished for defeat, deceived and betrayed, and now her enemies had a chance to watch her fall.

Another terrible blow was the diagnosis and the doctor’s offer to perform a mastectomy. Having a hard time recovering from the operation, Veronica decided to move to a village hospital located in Scotland. With her went nurse Daisy, a young, benevolent girl. She looked after the patient, supporting her. The woman yearned, hoping that she would get better. And suddenly she discovered in herself the opportunity to travel in a dream and take revenge on those who treated her badly, and arrange her own court of justice.