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Beast 2022

After the death of his beloved wife, Nate Daniels decided to try to build relationships with his growing daughters, the care of which now fell entirely on his shoulders. Watch full 2022 movie beast afdah online in HD.

He wanted to go with them on an entertaining trip to South Africa, where in the past the man first met his deceased wife. It was assumed that he and the girls would have a pleasant time there, enjoying the surrounding landscapes and studying the local inhabitants. But during a safari, the main character with his daughters and a friend stumbled upon a small village. All its inhabitants died from the fangs and claws of a huge beast. Before his death, one of the villagers reported that a ferocious lion attacked the unfortunate. The behavior of the animal was strange, he did not eat his prey, but only destroyed all living things. Trying to escape from a terrible cannibal, Nate made an attempt to take away his children, but was locked with teenagers in a car. Outside, a fierce predator roamed about, not going to let people leave its territory, and there was nowhere to wait for help. Poachers hunted nearby, but they could become an even greater danger to frightened travelers who dreamed of escaping from a metal cage and returning to the civilized world.