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The Time Capsule 2022

A well-known politician reflects on the topic of how his life could have turned out if his school love had not gone on a space mission then, but stayed with him on Earth 20 years have passed since then, and now she has returned. And, perhaps, his fate can be changed. Watch free movie The Time Capsule Afdah online in HD. 

The candidate for the Senate elections in the course of his company, allows a rude statement with obscene language during his speech to schoolchildren, regarding their unintelligent youthful enthusiasm. This was his fatal mistake and the man had to withdraw his candidacy. Now he, along with his excessively ambitious wife, go to lick their wounds in a family estate somewhere in the south, located on the picturesque shore of the lake.

The events take place clearly in some indefinite future, which can be guessed from the fact that the car agency offers them the option of “driving without a driver”, mobile gadgets are equipped with holographic projectors, and the “old mansion” looks like a 70s Art Nouveau house 20th century. A failed congressman named Jack sadly flips through a digital album, admiring his first high school love Eliza… And suddenly he sees her in the flesh in a local supermarket, and the girl looks the same as 20 years ago… She does not look over 18. Immediately after school, Eliza went to a “distant colony” with her parents, and now she has returned to Earth. And the secret of her youth is that cryo-sleep technology was used during the trip.

And now Jack is already 40, and Eliza, of course, is somewhat mature for her appearance, but in fact she is still the same child. And how will their relationship develop now? Is there a chance to rekindle love?