American Carnage 2022 Movie Review – DownPit


Siblings, Seth and Richard Gekko are two thieves and scammers who decided to work together to become famous throughout the world as the greatest villains of their generation. Watch free movie American Carnage FlixTor online in HD.

They dream of becoming kings of the criminal world and conquering the most respected mafiosi and drug lords. Wanting to realize their idea as soon as possible, they are looking for a bank to rob and get a wide public outcry. At the same time, Seth has a prudent mind and a pedantic character, always scrupulously calculating every step in advance. Whereas Richard is his complete opposite and always reacts to everything too emotionally and believes more in his heart and feelings.

Due to their uncoordinated work and disagreements, several innocent people died in a bank robbery. Fleeing from persecution and never having achieved what they wanted, they decide to hide in another country and hastily leave their homeland. They choose hot Mexico as their new destination, but halfway through they meet two policemen. Those, recognizing the wanted ones, rush in pursuit. In an attempt to escape from them, the guys get acquainted with the priest’s family, which they decide to take hostage. But this becomes their next terrible mistake and only brings more problems.