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Where the Crawdads Sing 2022

From childhood, Kia Clark grew up far from civilization and in complete isolation from society. Her mother, who chose the lifestyle of a hermit and exile, instilled in the girl the skills of survival in the kingdom of nature from birth. Watch free movie Where the Crawdads Sing 2022 Myflix online in HD. 

Living in a small house in the swampy area of ​​North Carolina, she learns to survive alone, without friends and buddies, without even placing a school and remaining without the benefits of civilization. She grew up unsociable, modest and too silent, afraid of strangers and any noise, which makes her life very difficult. Fate strikes again when her mother dies from a long illness.

From now on, her girl will have to live alone, taking care of herself on her own. Attempts by social services to place her in a new family and rehabilitate her in society were unsuccessful. Growing up and instinctively shunning people, she nevertheless acquires acquaintances. But, leading a former way of life, she becomes something of a local legend: passers-by do not hesitate to stare at her on the street, shouting insults after her. It is she who is accused of the recent brutal murder of a visiting guy. To prove her innocence, she will have to try hard, as the stigma of a suspicious person who is bypassed has long been attached to her.