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Paws of Fury_ The Legend of Hank 2022

The director is one of the authors of The Lion King, Rob Minkoff. The main characters will be voiced by famous actor Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Cera and Michelle Yeoh. Watch free movie Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank 2022 FlixTor online in HD.

The main character of the comedy cartoon “The Shining Samurai” will be an unlucky dog named Hank, who dreams of becoming a samurai and fighting with the punks. He always lived in a bad part of the city and the local punks often bullied him, and Hank could not fight back. Once he learned that there were samurai in the world – strong and intelligent warriors, and he wanted to become such a warrior at all costs. Hank finds himself in a city full of cats who need a hero to protect them from a ruthless villain’s evil plot.

In search of a mentor, the hero ends up in the city of Kakamucho, where no one takes him seriously. But then Hank meets the once-famous samurai cat, who agrees to become his teacher in the fight against a huge red sumo cat. Now, with the help of a wise teacher and loyal friends, he must master the skills of a great warrior in a short time. Only in this way will he have a chance to win in an epic battle with a powerful enemy, armed from mustache to tail. And this is not at all easy, because the huge cat got used to impunity and became the owner of the city.

It sometimes seems to Hank who has begun training that the wise teacher hates him and sends more and more difficult exercises to his head. But the great samurai, who once experienced difficulties with angelic patience, continues to train his new student and hopes for a better result. The city needs a hero and they will definitely make it now, when a lot of shinobi cats attacked the city. Hank will have to protect the territory under his jurisdiction, all according to his position.