Top 5 Hollywood Box Office Collection 2023

Top 5 Hollywood Box Office Collection

Welcome to the best new movies of 2023, where you can learn about the latest movies praised by critics! The films on the list are all Certified Fresh. More and more Hollywood movies are finding acceptance in the market. If you want to watch high-quality and top trending movies without spending a lot of money. Myflixer Movie is a great option for watching your favorite movies.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie


The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a landmark moment in video game movie history. The little Italian man and his mighty jumps have evolved into a form of media with the “Super Mario” video game series turning the brand name into a phenomenon, beyond console play to TV, books, theme parks. has expanded into a fan frenzy. , and, of course, movies. Known for film industry disappointments and disheartening fans, ongoing hits like Sonic and the Hedgehog and Unknown are assisting with restoring a strange area. Among the potential video game, the most well-known and recognizable characters are those from the Super Mario Bros. Universe itself. Looking at the response the trailer is getting, fans are looking forward to its release in the first quarter of 2023. Super Mario Bros. The film” has a short list of innovative objectives, intending to improve things while staying away from the world-building brain pains of the 1993 film.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie myflixer

The Pope’s Exorcist


Going back to 1973’s “The Pope’s Exorcist,” a high-water mark for filmmakers of the genre, there have been many films about exorcism, the practice of exorcism of demonic spirits from innocent souls. In 1987, Father Amorth is the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist, using his training and experience to eradicate the evil that haunts the innocent. After recently ending the rigors of 2022’s “Hunting for the Devil,” audiences are now treated to “The Pope’s Exorcist,” using a real-world image of satanic activity as inspiration. Attempting to amplify its message of Catholic power through pageants. And the experiences of Father Gabriel Amorthus, harnessed by screenwriters Michael Petroni and Ivan Spiliotopoulos, fall short in the horror department, both men having made previous stabs at the sub-genre. The authenticity of Amorth’s claims is the subject of “The Pope’s Exorcist”, which aims to turn him into a heroic figure of authority who confronts the most determined demons working to exorcise the man of God. Features the same old material that benefits from an engaging performance from Russell Crowe, but as a chiller, director Julius Avery offers a fresh perspective.

The Pope's Exorcist


John Wick: Chapter 4


“John Wick::  4″ has extraordinary snapshots of disagreement and clearing showcases of hurt that are a treat to watch, specially with Mr. No one, a tracker attempting to keep John alive to expand his capital punishment. Was before. Vivid characters flourish, and the loftiness of the exhibitions is praiseworthy. ” John Wick: The latest episodic point of interest is reached in Chapter 4, but the screenplay attempts to regain some originality by portraying the Marquis as a ruthless thief with a taste for power and luxury, who transforms into John Swiss. Provides the defined. Creep image for a type of cheese doesn’t need to settle for convenience and as it does, sharp, intense fighting ensues between flying goons and The blood splatter is repeated. The story here supports a fresh 90-minute long overview of John Wick. High Table focuses on solving the problem, but “John Wick: Chapter 4” doesn’t know when to quit, Even Stahelski feigns exhaustion. Makes a supporting character. It’s too much for a series that began with tasteful direction, sequel-it is now driving film making into obscurity.

John Wick: Chapter 4




After a century as Dracula’s servant, Renfield wants more from life. He will not stoop to offering his master’s presents, so instead of pursuing innocent casualties like his master, he attends a codependency support meeting and targets people while abusing other attendees. While there, he learns that he is dependent on Dracula and begins to break free, but becomes involved with a local mob family running New Orleans. It’s surprising that it took so long to cast Nicolas Cage as Dracula. It’s perfect casting and something Hollywood has struggled with for decades. Even though Renfield is the main character, it is Dracula who steals the show. Cage is simply superb in the role. Even though they are staged by Cage, the rest of the cast is also really good and the film is always entertaining, even when the numbers aren’t on screen.

John Wick: Chapter 4




The all-star cast of AIR, which tells the story of Michael Jordan’s rise to fame, includes Ben Affleck as Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Matt Damon as outspoken Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro. and Deloris Jordan as Viola Davis. Some may wonder whether a movie about Nike and their signature shoes can really be so compelling, but the end result is surprisingly smart and funny. The film also reunites Affleck and Damon, and marks the first time Affleck has directed his longtime friend and collaborator.

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