‘Evil Dead Rise’ Film Review direct by Lee Cronin’s

Although the degree of violence and seriousness in cinema, or in film in general, is becoming more and more unusual and extreme. The movies, known among young audiences simply as Evil Dead Rise, have always been unusual and extreme, and the level of violence and seriousness has always bordered on being tolerable. But Sam Raimi’s legendary shocker has an atmospheric direction of its own, which has been preserved through all subsequent incarnations. This is what strengthens and expands the attribute that is always given too lightly, but is appropriate here – cult. Which is apparently due to the fact that Sam Raimi never really gave up the reins and had a say in each production, in a producing duo with his former Evil Dead Rise 2023 Bruce Campbell. Lee Cronin’s chosen choice is therefore not surprising. If you are a horror movie lover then you must watch this movie on Lookmovie streaming website.

Evil Dead Rise 2023

Cronin opens the film with an iconic shot that is burned out in the original film. The resolution to this effect is at once a remarkable bridge from then to now. But don’t worry bean counters and purists, the trademark setting will be used to its fullest extent later at an appropriate point. Welcome to the world of Evil Dead, where little things define style. From the wilderness of yesteryear to the run-down apartment block of today, where single mother Ellie lives with her three children. And just then Sister Beth is at the door.

Plus, there’s not even an ounce of fat in the movie. There are no clearly superfluous settings. But what keeps the tension going from the first moment is Peter Albrechtsen’s disturbing sound design. After a short but brutal introduction, which actually marks the end of the story, the film flashes back to day one. After a violent earthquake, Ellie’s eldest son Danny finds a strange book and apparently with records in a burrow in the apartment building’s underground garage. He who now thinks of necromancy thinks rightly. The tension and shock builds steadily until everything explodes into an absurd orgy of violence in the last 30 minutes.

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And Albrechtson’s vocals are a constant companion that just won’t let go. Cronin also likes to play with expectations. Situations arise that expect someone to make sophisticated jumps, but don’t make them. Cronin delivers convincing moments of shock that surprise unprepared. And it all comes with some truly breathtaking splatter views. In other works have already experienced more obvious inconveniences. But what makes this film like its predecessors is its relentlessly dark atmosphere. Lots of weird and crazy, but never get ready for a quick joke.

Evil Dead Rise does more than farce. Spectators laugh only when they are embarrassed to be overwhelmed by what is happening. Or, it’s too limited. Or, when fans suddenly find familiar set pieces. This applies not only to the Book of the Dead, which Danny finds, but also, for example, to a device that his aunt will find. There are currently two trends in the horror genre. Incredibly entertaining movies that let go of their potential for violence with plenty of raunchy humor. And there are those who, come hell or high water, want to sell themselves as a story based on real events. Most of the time they are not very good.

Evil Dead Rise 2023

The difference in EVIL DEAD RISE is huge, but it was probably Lee Cronin’s uncompromising nature that convinced Sam Raimi and co-producer Bruce Campbell. And Cronin reassures the audience in return. In one way or another, it depends on how strong the nerves of the viewer are.