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TheyThem 2022 Review

This film was his directorial debut. The main role was played by the famous American actor, winner of the Golden Globe, Kevin Bacon. Watch free movie They/Them 2022 FlixTor online in HD. 

In the center of the plot of the horror movie “They / Them” is a group of teenagers who are sent to one of the conversion centers, which is located in the forest far from other settlements. Camp director Owen Whistler encounters a bus full of teenagers who are not thrilled that they are about to face a humiliating program for a week. They take away the only thing that connects with the outside world – their mobile phones. Teenagers begin to participate in a variety of tests, which each time become more and more unpleasant and terrible, reminiscent of the Jordan Peele film Get Out.

All these children were sent to the camp by adult guardians or parents in order to return them “to the true path.” Conversion therapy is a set of methods not recognized in the scientific community, aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation from homosexual and bisexual to heterosexual. Adults do not like the moral character of their wards, which has developed in them “wrongly”, so they believe that a tougher line of education can direct adolescents in the right direction. The cruel and sometimes humiliating technique does not bring the desired results, but forces the test subjects to hide their desires.

But as the counselors try to psychologically break each of the teenagers, promising that each of them will feel a “new sense of freedom” here by the end of the week. a mysterious killer appears, and now they have to unite in order to survive. After all, all this is just the beginning – it becomes scary for everyone when an even deeper evil appears, when a maniac in a mask begins to kill victims right and left. Later, the main characters realize that they did not get here by chance and become victims of bloody murders.