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Resurrection 2022

The main character of the film is a middle-aged woman Margaret (Rebecca Hall), who is used to always doing everything herself and completely controlling her life. Watch free movie Movie FlixTor to online in HD.

She works as the head of the biotechnology department in the office of a pharmaceutical company, has already achieved considerable success in this area and has influence on other employees. In addition, Margaret is an attentive and caring single mother of her teenage daughter, Abby (Grace Kaufman), who is about to attend college. She believes that she has achieved success in raising a child.

Margaret has an intern, Gwyn (Angela Wong Carbone), a young woman who admires her enough to ask for personal advice, and a secret romance with a married co-worker, Peter (Michael Esper), that doesn’t involve any commitment. Margaret is a strong leader at work, and at home she does her best to support Abby. However, the unexpectedly well-ordered world of the main character collapses when she notices at a conference in her city David (Tim Roth), her former lover, with whom she broke up more than two decades ago. Margaret hurries out of the hall to avoid being seen, but then meets him again when she and Abby try to have fun shopping.

Margaret begins to spy on David, not understanding what he is up to, and becomes obsessed with surveillance. She can’t believe her eyes – this tyrant man from her past is back in town again. Margaret begins to panic, trying to protect Abby from everything that concerns David. Continuing to follow him, the main character learns that the former decided to open a store in her city, which means that he has arrived for a long time, and no matter how strong she is, she is overcome by fear and paranoia.