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Bullet Train 2022

The storyline of the thrilling action movie Bullet Train revolves around a fearless man nicknamed Ladybug, who for many years made a living in a rather dubious activity. He was a hired killer and brilliantly coped with difficult duties. Free movie Bullet Train 2022 FlixTor online in HD.

The laconic guy completed the tasks assigned to him promptly and, to avoid major troubles preferred not to ask unnecessary questions. He was a true professional of the chosen case and knew how to cover his tracks. Over time, he wanted peace. He decided to retire and forget about the difficult past. But it overtook him at the most unexpected moment.

Suddenly, his old friend Maria Beetle gets in touch with Ladybug. The curator convinces him of the need to realize the last mission. He will need to freely enter the bullet train and get a mysterious bag. The vehicle follows from Tokyo to Morioka. The catch is that there are several more ruthless and treacherous mercenaries on board. Brave strangers were given the same task. The killers must understand the situation and find out who started a dangerous game with them.