The Black Phone 2022 Movie Review & Film Summary

The Black Phone 2022

The life of the shy modest boy Finny Shaw, who recently turned only 13 years old, included dizzying adventures and unpredictable situations. A student of elementary grades communicated with classmates, and was practically considered the soul of the company. Watch free movie The Black Phone 2022 Afdah wensite. 

The gullible boy had no idea what terrifying trials he would have to face in the near future. One day, after boring classes, the young man, as usual, returned home, where caring loving parents were waiting for the heir. Movie Black Phone (2022) watch online for free in good quality hd 720 .

On the way, Finny was attacked by a mysterious intruder. The insidious criminal impudently kidnapped the victim and locked the poor fellow in a gloomy basement. The student did not sink into a panic state and tried to call for help. Only the attempt ended in failure, because there were soundproof walls inside the room. In other words, there was no point in screaming at the top of your lungs. Shaw studied the structure intently and suddenly saw an old telephone, which had obviously been out of order for a long time. Madness knew no bounds when one day a mysterious object rang. On the other end of the wire, a strange voice sounded, which told the guest that he intended to help him find a way out.