Slash/Back 2022 Movie Review & Film Summary

Slash Back 2022

Slash/Back, Nyla Innuksuk’s debut feature, begins with a researcher taking permafrost samples in the remote fishing village of Pangnirtung near the Arctic Circle discovering a smoking hole in the tundra. Watch free movie Slash/Back 2022 FlixTor online in HD.

When a tentacle reaches out and attacks him, his investigation is cut short. Stuck in a small and remote town where even Walmart refuses to open a store, the girls “borrow” a boat and cruise out to a remote cabin to hang out. But when a strange-looking polar bear attacks Aju, things go from bad to worse..

It’s not The Thing, but body-jumping aliens have returned to the frozen north. And it is up to an Indigenous gi Maika, who is fearless and determined, is used to unexpected adventures with her best friends. The girls lived in a small arctic village and unknowingly created problems for the sake of a future solution. Such a pastime seemed amusing and intriguing to them. The real battle, however, awaited the teenagers following the invasion of representatives of an alien civilization in the district.

The young warriors decided to act on their own, not relying on outside assistance and refusing to accept defeat. Because they lacked special weapons, they had to improvise. The adventurous with improvisation replaced the lack of knowledge in the technique of seeing the battle and putting up resistance. They didn’t have time to consider each step or question the wisdom of their decisions because the situation was rapidly deteriorating. Worried about the consequences of inaction, the world’s saviors unwittingly found themselves at the center of terrifying and unpredictable events of catastrophic proportions. And they had far too little time to complete the mission successfully. rls, Maika (Tasiana Shirley), Jesse (Alexis Vincent-Wolfe), Leena (Chelsea Pruksy, Anaana’s Tent), Uki (Nalajoss Ellsworth), and Maika’s tag-along little sister Aju (Frankie Vincent-Wolfe) to stop them.