Russo Brothers’s Citadel Full Review


The Russo brothers are creators of the MCU who have once again delivered a captivating visual treat for movie lovers with their latest series, ‘Citadel,’ on Afdah. Starring Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the series is a great mix of suspense, action and drama that keeps viewers hooked throughout its runtime.


This mystery and spy drama launches into Citadel’s secret world with a boom, but it also plunges us into a mystery. What’s going on, or more importantly, who is responsible for what’s happening in the spy world? I enjoy how the former Citadel agents act as our surrogates as they traverse a world they have forgotten thanks to the loss of memory plot line; it heightens the mystery.

On the other hand, Richard Madden is a sight to behold as he perfectly embodies the role of the swoony spy with great stature and charm. He did an amazing role and fits the perfectly. His action sequences are thrilling and he executes them with great precision and intensity, leaving the audience breathless.

Stanley Tucci, a veteran actor, is a real eye candy as a performer, and his presence in the series adds weight to it. He delivers a great performance in his role and brings the character to life on screen. The action sequences in the series are well choreographed and executed and make it a pleasure to watch. The series has a fast pace that keeps the viewers hooked and interested in the plot.

The series is a great spy thriller series that offers world-class engagement, fantastic action sequences and stunning cinematography. The visuals and effects are top notch and add to the overall experience of the viewer. The Russo brothers have proven once again that they know how to tell captivating visual stories that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

In conclusion, ‘Citadel’ is a must watch for all lovers of the thriller and action genres. With great performances from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden, stunning visuals and effects, and fantastic action sequences, ‘Citadel’ is a sure winner.