Review of The Long Night 2022 Movie | Film Summary


Grace’s childhood years pass in an orphanage, the girl grows up without parental attention and affection, she knows nothing about her father and mother. But later, the matured girl has a close friend named Frank, and she no longer feels lonely. However, she still strives to find out the truth about her origin, and suddenly Grace has information regarding her relatives. A young woman goes with her lover to the countryside in the southern part of the country, where, as she became aware, members of her family previously lived. You can watch The Long Night (2022) online in good quality for free on FlixTor site. 

Grace and Frank are located in an old mansion, and soon the girl begins to feel that some monstrous secret is hiding in the walls of the house. Frightening visions flash before the orphan’s mind’s eye. She contemplates adherents of some ancient cult, trying to extract a child from her body. It becomes clear to her that the history of her family is closely intertwined with a mysterious prophecy, which should come true in the very near future. But suddenly, members of a strange sect, led by their inadequate leader, find themselves in a house that belonged to the girl’s family in the past in order to carry out their intended actions.