Review of White Elephant 2022 Movie | Film Summary

White Elephant 2022

In the past, Marine Gabriel Tancredi deliberately went over to the side of the underworld, determined to earn easy money without much effort. He always adhered to his principles and attitudes, without violating the rules of the game and adhering to all the laws of the criminal world. Free movie White Elephant FlixTor in HD. 

But one day, a lover of flirting with fate violated his own settings, which launched a chain of frightening and unpredictable events. The adventurer tried to save an attractive police officer Vanessa, who turned out to be an accidental witness to the murder. Now she was hunted by influential and dangerous representatives of the mafia, for whom the former military man worked. Covering the hostage of the situation, he risked falling into disgrace with boss Arnold Solomon, who was not used to forgiving disobedience. Handing over a girl to accomplices was also the height of madness, because it could turn into fatal consequences for all unwitting participants in history. Gabriel did not have time and opportunity to maneuver between circumstances, so he tried to sort out a lot of difficult problems and unpleasant troubles as they arose. And no one knew how long the race for survival, started miraculously, would last.