Review of Hollywood Stargirl 2022 | Film Summary

Hollywood Stargirl 2022

Stargirl was doing well in Arizona. She was actually more than fine. She’d met people at Mica High School. She’d found love (even if the relationship didn’t work out). Why should I relocate? That’s because Mom got a job elsewhere—designing costumes for an actual movie. That means she and Stargirl will have to relocate to Los Angeles. That means Stargirl will have to start over. Again. Cinnamon, her pet rat, is her oldest friend, she tells her mother. That is not typical. “Is this going to be a thing now?” Ana, her mother, inquires. “Are you just going from one place to another?” Watch free Hollywood Stargirl 2022 FlixTor online in HD. 

No, Ana assures. In fact, she goes a step further: Stargirl will complete her senior year in Los Angeles. There will be no more moving until then. And, as Ana points out, Stargirl has the entire summer to adjust to sunny Southern California. “Meet some new friends who aren’t your pet rat,” Ana advises. Stargirl doesn’t even need to leave the house to make her first one.

A boy throws a few small rocks at Stargirl’s window shortly after they move into their new apartment, while she sings and plays her signature ukulele. Evan is his name. He’s the youngest son of Ava and Stargirl’s new landlord in Los Angeles. He informs Stargirl that he and his older brother, Terrell, want to produce a film. And, given Stargirl’s vocal abilities, Evan thinks she’d be perfect for it. Of course, if director Terrell approves.

Terrell, of course, approves. He only needs to hear her bring the house down in the club where he works to know that Stargirl would be ideal for the film. Stargirl quickly becomes an equal partner in the project (because she’s the type of person she is), and she suggests the perfect song for her to sing in it. It’s by Roxanne Martel, who released one album in the 1990s and never released another. She appeared to have vanished from the musical world entirely.

But here’s the crazy part: Roxanne hangs out at the same club where Terrell works. Of course, they don’t call her “Roxanne.” They call her “Table Six” because she sits there every night, sipping Shirley Temples all evening.

Table Six does not frighten Stargirl. She approaches her, tells Roxanne she is a huge fan, and asks if she can use her song in a movie. “No,” Roxanne says, her scowl deep enough to crack wood. “You’re going to have to do your own thing.” “Disney is closed, kid.” However, this is a Disney film. And you know, like Cinderella, Belle, and Anna, Stargirl will find her way to a happy ending. Even if it means dealing with Table Six.