Review Of Strays 2023


If you’re a dog lover, the emotional aspect will undoubtedly appeal to you more. Personally, I lean more towards cats, but dogs are fine too, I guess. That didn’t stop me from loving the humor of the film, though. That was undoubtedly its strength and won me over. Despite its comedic focus, the film had a meaningful message and theme that kept it from being a pure laugh riot. He tied it all together so well. I can already imagine that the message of ‘the best love is the toughest’ might hit home for some; definitely take that friend you know in a toxic relationship to see the movie in the theater, lol.


The plot isn’t groundbreaking, but that wasn’t a drawback for me, because it’s unrealistic to expect a movie with a talking dog to revolutionize storytelling. At first, I found Hunter’s voice a bit off, but I quickly got used to it. It was nice to see a little reunion between Josh Gad and Isla Fisher after Wolf Like Me, which I still think was the only one I liked. You can watch Strays movie online in HD online only on the Flixtor Vip website.

Strays 2023

The soundtrack was cool. Again, it was funny, there are also a few jokes that can go unnoticed because they aren’t as prominent as the rest. I liked the line about the people in the light shadows. The cameos were pretty decent too, especially Couch. With a running time of just over an hour and a half, the pacing was just right and there were no unnecessary filler words or rushed sequences. The film’s message was understandable and skillfully written, making it clear that it’s not just about dogs.

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