No Hard Feelings: Jennifer Lawrence’s Comedy Movie Review

Greetings from another summer day spent in the classrooms. No Hard Feelings Flixtor is something I was looking forward to since it had been a while since we had an excellent comedy. Our entire theatre was laughing out loud every few minutes, so this movie met my and my friends’ expectations of a comedy. She is a superb actress as usual.

No Hard Feelings

This film thrives on bringing the texts to the audience, both comedically and in terms of the overall story. We all know a Maddie in our lives, or a Percy, or perhaps we identify with one of the characters in one way or another. The story is grounded in reality, and that’s what makes it so darn effective. This situation could play out very realistically in real life, which makes it easier to identify with the characters. The movie had so many memorable comedic moments that kept all the moviegoers around me bursting out laughing, like the finger toy thing and how Maddie treated Percy pretty much the whole time.

No Hard Feelings review

Percy’s cover of “Maneater on the Piano” had better end up on Spotify, because he’s done it. Despite the serious, comedic tone of the film, they found a way to incorporate deeper elements that make it worthwhile to invest in the larger story of what’s going on, rather than just laughing at a ridiculous situation. The ending was perfect for everyone involved and they didn’t allow the characters to be pitted against each other. Instead, there were always moments when you could understand where they were coming from and feel the complexity of the situation. Watch all new June month’s top releases on the Flixtor website.