Kandahar Full Movie Review


I’ve seen two action dramas about Afghanistan in the past month, the second of which is Kandahar. The Covenant by Guy Ritchie is about the same topic. It’s unique but also strikingly similar. The reemergence of closely related films that were first released in the same year makes me laugh. Thankfully, in this instance, both films turned out fantastic.

Kandahar entertained me throughout and I liked it. Cool action sequences appear to emphasise realism in some of the scenes. I initially complained about being unable to see much during a nighttime action scene. I questioned why they didn’t employ a lighting technique. Only a small portion of this film is action. However, the plot and cast of characters kept me interested. I was never bored because there were both fast-paced suspense scenes and slower character moments. It balances the many moving parts effectively.


I couldn’t help but think about how far we’ve come in terms of Islamophobia in action films as I watched this movie. And to make matters worse, they were frequently portrayed as filthy and brutal. The complexity of the situation, the fact that not everything is black and white, and the fact that there are people within those communities trying to fight against what is wrong are all depicted much more effectively in Kandahar. You can check review and watch it from Flixtor tv.

In opposition to Kandahar, which displays sympathy without ever calling for accountability, I believe The Covenant does a better job of holding all parties accountable. Even the protagonist commits some sins that are never addressed. I wish they had gone further to demonstrate how harmful outside influences can be in these circumstances.

Kandahar 2023