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Lightyear 2022

Watch free movie Lightyear 2022 FlixTor. It is well known that hundreds of thousands of boys dream of becoming real astronauts and surf the vast expanses of galaxies, but few succeed, and a brave and smart young man named Buzz Leitor becomes such an exception to the rule.

Being part of an expedition that went to the distant planet Tikana Prime, the character is looking forward to adventures where he can prove himself worthy, but the reality turns out to be much less heroic and more unsightly. Immediately after landing, it turns out that the Star Command starship is so damaged that returning home on it becomes a utopia, and the captain gives the order to build a colony here, defending itself from the attack of predatory animals. The hero blames himself for the failure, and begins trying to make an interdimensional jump, 4.2 million light years, in the company of the Sox robot, but after the arrival of the aggressive and domineering Emperor Zorg, accompanied by a strong detachment, the situation completely gets out of control. The goals of the tyrant are not clear, but clearly one cannot expect good from him.