Extraction 2020 movie review

Extraction-2020 movie review

This is an action thriller movie. The action scenes are great, and some of the camera work and filming techniques are amazing. All the actors did a great job of making this film very entertaining.  The actor, who played the boy role was a wonderful casting choice, he is perfect for his role. He was carrying the whole emotion of the story. The story tells about Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), a mercenary who offers his services on the black market, and who is hired for a dangerous mission: to rescue the kidnapped son of an Indian mafia boss who is in prison.

Extraction 2020 movie review1

This movie is not for everyone, as I already said that it is totally an action movie. The movie is all about action and no story. Those who love to watch the action movie will really enjoy this movie and those who want some story then they can avoid this movie. I personally recommend this for viewers who like action and martial arts movies. Watch movie Extraction 2020 lookmovie online in 1080p HD.

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For me, it is not a bad movie at all. To be honest, am not an action movie lover, but if am talk about action this is an awesome action film. If you are looking for a good action movie then go for it. Overall, a good experience to watch this movie