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Retribution review

The film Retribution depicts the tale of Matt Turner, a bank CEO. Matt learns that there is a bomb under his car seat together with his son Zach Turner and daughter Emily Turner. If they pull over and get out of the automobile, this lethal explosive will detonate.

The movie Retribution is incredible. Since the enduring Taken (2008), director Nimrod Antal has brought us a film that departs from the traditional elements of the conventional Liam Neeson action production. Expect a limited number of hand-to-hand battle scenes. Retribution is primarily set in a vehicle. Fantastic set pieces are used. Throughout its whole running period, the suspense is wonderfully maintained. Matt Turner is superbly portrayed by Liam Neeson. Neeson effortlessly and stylishly conveys a wide spectrum of emotions. Get Retribution 2023 movie streaming at the Flixtor website.


As Emily Turner, Lilly Aspell excels. Aspell is a young actress who keeps becoming better and better, and she has a long and promising future in Hollywood. As Zach Turner, Jack Champion does a fantastic job. Angela Brickman is superbly played by Noma Dumezweni. As Heather Turner, Embeth Davidtz is fantastic. Anders Muller is superbly portrayed by Matthew Modine. The supporting actors are flawless. Fans of Liam Neeson must watch Retribution. You will have a blast if you go in with an open mind on what to expect.


Even though the plot of Retribution is a little pulpy, the film’s screenplay is its greatest asset. Retribution presents the protagonist in a far more favorable light than El Desconocido did, which paints the protagonist as a dishonest individual. It greatly benefits from the sympathetic image of the hero, as demonstrated by the way in which his kids and even the police show excessive support for him. Sometimes it’s kind and endearing, but not always.

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