One of the best crime movies by a great comedy director


There’s a simple array of director names associated with some of the greatest crime films of all time, whether it’s Francis Ford Coppola, who gave us the timeless epic The Godfather, or the many crime masterpieces from directors like Martin Scorsese, Michael… man, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers. But a year after The Godfather was released, Elaine May—a well-known comedian and filmmaker herself—began work on what, although it didn’t hit theaters until 1976, would go on to become one of the best crime films of all time. Watch online latest crime and action movies only on without any subscription for free. Here you can stream your favourite movies and TV series in HD quality.

In Mickey and Nicky, Peter Falk and John Cassavetes play two lifelong friends and short-term gangsters. In a beautiful and heartwarming live performance, Nikki, played by Cassavetes, takes a short break after stealing money from a crime lord. Moving means a contract for Nicky, so he turns to Falks Mickey, a rather mild-mannered, tough guy who always comes to his friend’s aid. Nicky is cornered, so paranoid he bursts into tears and has nowhere to walk, wondering if he can even trust his best friend because the walls have closed around him. The men chase each other or are chased through the streets of Philadelphia by a mafia assassin, played by Ned Beatty. For these people, the darkness of the night does not appear as a mere point in time, but as a continuous state. As shadows creep around them and Nicky’s chances of escape grow worse, Mikey and Nicky discover an incredible and heartbreaking portrayal of the ugly reality of a criminal lifestyle.

In keeping with his comedy career working with Mike Nichols, director of The Graduate and other notable films, and his phenomenal work as a film producer, here’s a nod to industry pioneers: the name often goes unspoken. May has only directed four feature films, and a reputation for being difficult to work with and problematic productions may have played a major role. But while artists like Stanley Kubrick or David Fincher are often praised for their strong work ethic, it’s easy to see that a gender double standard is at play when a female director is criticized for being “difficult”. Or pushed aside. when maybe it’s just that she knows what she wants and is right about how best to get it.

May’s directing career should have lasted longer, but Mickey and Nicky is a remarkable work that could cement a legacy in its own right. May received an honorary Oscar at the 2022 Academy Awards for her work as a filmmaker and artist. Thankfully, Hollywood has embraced his work, but his facial features still haven’t garnered as much attention given the critical acclaim and expert artistry showcased, particularly in “Mickey and Nicky” and “The Heartbreak Kid.”

Nicky’s complications are resolved as the film progresses, but he already begins in an incredibly disorganized state. Cassavetes’ performance is defiant, vulnerable and explosive throughout the film. Her anger and distraction intriguingly collide with Mickey’s stoic demeanor as the two work through their relationships with their wives, children, and most importantly, each other.