Strays 2023 Movie Review And Film Summary


Strays takes the innocent idea of talking dogs and fill it with sex jokes, drugs, and incessant swearing, much like how Sausage Party and Ted start off as family films but wind up being incredibly filthy and harsh comedies. The movie also uses a metaphor for abusive relationships and ending them, which is incredibly surprising because it’s a movie that tries to demonstrate its heart in a few touching parts. However, the fact that it is told from the viewpoint of our animal friends makes it work perfectly. You can enjoy Strays movie streaming via the Flixtor movies website.


A naive dog joins forces with several stray dogs who consent to help him wreak revenge on his cruel master after being abandoned by him. Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, and Randall Park provide the voices for the main group of dogs in the movie. It also stars Will Forte as the adversary who despises dogs. Although their mouths might use exorcisms, these canines are adorable, and their mouths match their speech very well. Forte and the voice actors all do an excellent job portraying their roles.

Strays 2023

It can be said that many comedies revolve around a friendship group, in this case, a team of dogs. They have all developed a formula that they can either follow or abandon. Strays unfortunately sticks to that formula to include a fight and a breakup between the main characters near the end of the third act. It’s super annoying to spend time on this after you’ve seen it all before. Aside from the fact that this is a pretty average popcorn comedy that you’ve seen once and then forgotten about, there are no other problems in this film aside from some poor CGI work. The jokes are extremely frequent and always provide laughs. The few emotional scenes don’t completely take away from the comedic aspect of the film.