Upcoming Web series on Amazon Prime

Upcoming Web series on Amazon Prime20200

Watching the best Amazon Prime web series in 2020 is a way to better spend time at home, don’t you think? Here the list of Upcoming Web series on Amazon Prime:

Missing (19 June 2020): The Serie tells the story of Sonia Ledesma (Michelle Calvo), a police inspector who joins Group 2 of the Central Brigade’s Missing Persons, led by veteran chief inspector Santiago Abad. Affected herself by the drama of the disappearance of a close loved one, she will find in her companions Rodrigo (Maxi Iglesias), Sebas and Azhar a new family. Together with them, and with the motto “we keep on searching”, they try to solve the most disparate cases, all of them carried out by people who one day swallowed the earth. To achieve this, they have the collaboration of Ayuda Desaparecidos, an NGO led by Carmen Fuentes. Watch this latest 2020 web series online free on movies ninja website.

Missing 19 June 2020

The Terror (19 June, season 2): This drama and horror anthology returns with new episodes after the good response of its initial season. It should be noted that each season is based on a fact or historical setting where the story unfolds, the first installment focused on the bonus veren siteler case known as “The Franklin Expedition.” This series leaving behind a group of British sailors and bring “The Terror: Infamy” which is centered on the famous “Attack on Pearl Harbor” of 1941. We will see the sad situation that a community of Japanese citizens during the Second World War, but with a paranormal point characteristic of the series. Download and stream The Terror web series on Top 3 movie websites.

The Terror

New Amsterdam (22 June): Dr. Max Goodwin returns to the oldest public hospital in North America with the conviction of providing exceptional healthcare. The series is inspired by the stories of Eric Manheimer in his book ‘12 patients: life and Death at Bellevue Hospital’ of which he was director.

The series has been a success for the NBC network that announced three more seasons, meanwhile, we can continue to see the arrival of new staff at the New Amsterdam hospital and their stories present in the Amazon Prime releases to see in June 2020.

New Amsterdam

President: The series “The President” explores the sports scandal that shocked the world, through the story of Sergio Jadue, the president of a small soccer club in Chile, who went from being an unknown to a key player in the bribery conspiracy for $ 150 million dollars at the hands of the president of the Argentine Football Association. Browse this list of web series on the HD Europix website free of cost.


Soccer players around the world: The platform has always made itself shine with its sports jobs, especially those related to the king of sports, and for the catalog of the month “Soccer players around the world” it will give us exclusive access to the private lives of four soccer players who belonged to the so-called generation gold of Spanish football.

Soccer players around the world