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The Man from Toronto Review

New York is a huge city where all walks of life live. But not everyone can afford to rent an apartment here. The cost of even a small room is unbearable for ordinary students. Watch free movie The Man from Toronto 2022 FlixTor To site online.

Most prefer not to contact realtors and use the help of familiar and specialized services. One of the popular sites offers to book accommodation for a low price. You can rent a room yourself and with a neighbor, which allows you to further reduce the price.

An ordinary guy decides to book a room in an apartment in one of the outlying areas of the city. Due to confusion in the site’s data, his neighbor turns out to be a hired killer. Such a neighborhood can scare anyone. But while the guy does not guess with whom he ended up in a confined space. But suspicions creep in, and he does not dare to fall asleep, fearing not to wake up. It turns out that he got a maniac named the Man from Toronto as a neighbor. There is a long trail of blood behind him, and he is about to move on to confuse the investigators. He doesn’t need a random witness, and the guy has to be very careful not to provoke him. The survival game that has begun lasts until the morning, and you won’t have to sleep that night.