Review of Shut In 2022

Shut In 2022

Jessica lives in a remote rural area. In a dilapidated house surrounded by wonderful landscapes, she lives with her children. Recently she broke up with a guy, but he does not stop coming to her. Watch free movie Shut In 2022 Afdah online in HD.

In one of these meetings, the heroine of the movie “Locked Up” shocks the former with the news of the move. No persuasion and persuasion to stay had any effect on her, after which the guy left, soon telling his friend about it, who was sitting on a needle. Under his influence, he returns to Jessica’s house and locks her in the pantry. Having come to real horror and worrying about the safety of her own children, the girl gathers all her will, stress resistance and ingenuity into a fist and tries to get out of the trap. However, this turned out to be quite a difficult task. Will she be able to break out of the trap and save the children who are in grave danger?