Hijack Season 01 Full Review

Hijack Season 01

Idris Elba plays Sam Nelson in the seven-part thriller series Hijack, which George Kay and Jim Field Smith created. Sam Nelson is a corporate business mediator who finds himself caught up in the hijacking of a plane traveling from Dubai to London. The show follows Sam as he tries to communicate with the hijackers and save the lives of the passengers and crew while investigators on the ground try to determine the terrorists’ intentions and identities.


The television show Hijack will have you hooked from the first episode and won’t let you go until the very last one. The show is chock-full of tension, surprises, and plot twists, as well as moral and emotional quandaries. The series is presented in real time, which heightens the drama and realism of the narrative. The show also looks at the themes of identity, loyalty, trust, and love and how those things are put to the test in difficult circumstances. Watch online full Hijack Season only at Myflixer website.

Idris Elba, who portrays Sam, a complex and flawed character who must deal with his own personal issues while coping with a life-threatening crisis, gives the series standout performance. He demonstrates his range and charisma. Along with Neil Maskell as Stuart Atterton, the series also stars Eve Myles as Alice Sinclair, an air traffic controller, Max Beesley as Marsha’s boyfriend, and DCI Zahra Gahfoor as a combating terrorism officer. Archie Panjabi as Captain Robin Allen, the pilot, and Kate Phillips as Collette Fisher, a flight attendant.


The television show Hijack will keep you glued to the screen and transport you to the plane where the characters are traveling. You will be made to feel, think, and question your own decisions and values as a result of this series. You’ll be satisfied and out of breath after watching this series. One of the most innovative and exciting creators currently at work, George Kay and Jim Field Smith are highlighted in the ten-star series Hijack for their talent and vision.