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Cryo 2022

Young scientists fall into deep sleep in special cryochambers. They were going to conduct a scientific experiment, but the unknown decided to interrupt the dreams. Guys and girls come to their senses in the dungeon of a secret laboratory, where they notice previously unfamiliar people.

The experimenters decide to figure out what is happening and try to remember everything that happened before the start of the dive. Workers discover an ominous trace in what happened, and the further they go in thought, the more confusing the picture becomes. The stone bunker hides a lot of mysteries and veiled oddities that they do not understand. Movie Crio Afdah watch online for free in good quality hd 720.

The underground room becomes a trap when employees find a knife with traces of blood. It becomes clear that the mysterious killer is hunting for colleagues and deliberately placed them away from other people. The sinister criminal has prepared for his victims a lot of trials that will have to go through in order to survive. They guess that the one who arranged the unexpected action and gathered the whole company is hiding nearby. To understand a series of horrific events, they need to return their memories, in which a clue will definitely pop up and point to a bloodthirsty and cunning monster.