Barbie: A Comic Film Based on Barbieland

Barbie 2023

When I say that this was the most embarking movie I’ve ever seen, I’m not even kidding. I went into this expecting one of two things to happen: either it was going to be extremely stupid and bad, or it was going to be completely amazing. No middle ground. And at this point, I can say with certainty that it was fantastic. More than I could have ever imagined a movie about Barbies, or any toys in general, could have made me feel, it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me feel so much more. It will undoubtedly rank among the most influential films of this generation, in my honest opinion. Now you can watch online Barbie 2023 full in HD quality on Myflixer to streaming site.


To the men out there who are calling this movie “man-hating,” I would like to say that you could not be more mistaken. Before I get into why specifically I loved it so much. If you believe that, it is obvious that you entered the movie with preconceived notions and did not pay close enough attention to the message. I am a man, too, and this film beautifully illustrated the unfair gender stereotypes that exist today and demonstrated why the patriarchal system is inherently flawed. Just because it did that doesn’t mean it was man-hating, especially considering that it also showed the negative pressure that society puts on men and their emotions.


I’ll now explain why I adored this film so much. First of all, it had the right amount of humor and lightheartedness at the right times. It was good that there was room for emotionally stirring dramatic scenes, and Margot Robbie in particular gave a strong performance. Although she had excellent comic timing, Barbie’s skill really shone in scenes that required more emotional acting because she felt she had to maintain her cheerful demeanor in spite of the intense sadness she was experiencing. In addition, the sets and costumes were flawless. In addition to being excellently written and performed, the film’s production team clearly put a lot of thought into it.

This movie really got me to thinking. I had so many ideas that I had to let it stew in my mind for a few days before writing a review. Although many people may have wished it had been more humorous at times, I am glad it wasn’t because it wouldn’t have had the same impact on me personally. I have to commend the writers and directors for choosing a story that has the potential to improve the world when they could have chosen a more silly, childish approach.

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