Watch It Or Skip It – ‘Hit Man’ on Lookmovie


Hitman Lookmovie is a cinema buff’s dream come true, but even casual moviegoers will find this fantastic new release to be highly entertaining. The most recent work by Linklater honors Hitchcockian black comedy, screwball humor, and cinema noir with affection. Even with the classic psychosexual drama, it nevertheless manages to create a novel, humorous, and frequently boisterous confection. Its beautifully razor-sharp conclusion keeps the audience enthralled as it teases, charms, and occasionally thrills them with frissons of adrenaline.

Glen Powell might become a celebrity in this new role. As a brazen competitor pilot, he left a lasting impression in Top Gun: Maverick, but his part in Hit Man is unquestionably more nuanced. In fact, as co-writer of the screenplay, he has skillfully added layers to his character—or should I say characters? Powell is essentially taking on many roles as Gary Johnson, a geeky psychology professor who loves cats and is well-mannered. He also works as a surveillance expert for a police unit in Louisiana, where he targets and stings unsuspecting people who are attempting to hire a killer. 

Much to Gary’s dismay, his colleagues had to persuade him to take over from the universally despised Jasper before the next sting operation, since Jasper, Gary’s police colleague who usually poses as the hired murderer, is suspended for viciously hitting two youths. But, just minutes after starting the job, Gary transforms into “Ron” and, in his first sting, he is so convincing that his colleagues are taken aback, even though they had previously heard Jasper go through the rigamarole and thought Gary could pull it off.

After developing the killer persona, Gary quickly discovers that he is becoming more and more absorbed in Ron, developing further, chameleon-like layers of disguise and personality qualities to mimic the person who is going to be stung. But when “Ron” gets contacted by Maddy, a femme fatale, things get interesting. Gary, who is having fun playing Ron, finds himself torn as the two get into a funny yet flirtatious exchange that sets sparks flying. How daring of him. Ron keeps up the sting, arresting Maddy for allegedly planning to kill her husband. Has Maddy admitted to having any regrets about what she is doing as a result of the flirtatious exchange? It’s enjoyable to watch Powell and Arjona’s chemistry develop.