Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Full Film Review

star wars

Without question, George Lucas is a visionary. This man returns to directing and is more talented than ever after years of inactivity and stagnation in his filmmaking career. Even though he had only ever made three feature films, it is still a huge task to double that total in just ten years. This movie gets things off to an incredible start.

Myflixer movie has an incredible tone. The silent protagonist of The Phantom Menace, towering in the backdrop and deftly manipulates things that must come to fruition via adversity. It is the mystery of the Force, so powerfully apparent in The Empire Strikes Back. For many of us fans, young Anakin’s wide-eyed excitement to travel and experience a vast galaxy is an extremely familiar feeling. What’s more, the realization that the world isn’t as fascinating and amazing as we thought it was when we were youngsters is much more so. This movie is a doorway back to feelings that once gave life meaning and excitement. But have long since given way to the daily struggle to hold onto my tiny, insignificant corner of society. Characters like Watto and Qui-Gon, whose interactions throughout the film reflect an economic vibrancy. It makes the setting so alive, elegantly contrasting it with young Anakin’s naivete.

The effects in The Empire Strikes Back are matched, if not exceeded in many ways, by the visuals. At this time in the saga’s chronology, the cosmos is the most vibrant it has ever been. We explore new cultures, witness new worlds and consider the ideas that shape the Jedi Masters that are familiar to us from the original. The story is intricate and well-layered. I’ve seen this movie dozens of times and I can’t remember a single instance when I didn’t notice something new. There are plenty of hints and between-the-lines conversations in the plot. The movie can be seen again and again because each character has a fresh viewpoint to follow throughout. The emotional and clever plot strands are delightful to follow to the end.

The frequently criticized acting is extremely detailed. Each character’s body language can reveal a hidden feeling or idea. That forces you to reconsider the character’s entire point of view. The majority of the film’s interpersonal connections are complex, subtle, incredibly warm and genuine. The lack of character drama and groundbreaking performances from any of the cast members greatly contributes to the story’s subtlety and depth. For casual viewers and aficionados who wish to see Star Wars remain the massive space opera that it was before this movie, this is undoubtedly a deal breaker.

There is yet more to say about the film’s tone, which is a wonderfully constructed tapestry. A terrible sense of foreboding emerges only upon closer study. Forces are looming in the background, ready to attack. There is a mystery that reaches back behind daybreak into the chilling blackness of the early morning, depicting a history between the Sith and Jedi.