Samaritan 2022

Samaritan 2022 Movie Review Online – DownPit

American science fiction action movie “Samaritan” in the original “Samaritan” with elements of modern urban fantasy from the streaming service Amazon Prime Video is based on the comic book of….

The Invitation 2022

The Invitation 2022 Movie Review – DownPit

The Invitation is a 2022 American supernatural horror thriller film written and directed by Jessica M. Thompson, co-written by Blair Butler and produced by Emile Gladstone. The authors admitted that….


Vesper 2022 Movie Online Review – DownPit

The existence of all mankind is under threat due to a large-scale environmental disaster. Due to the occurrence of serious natural anomalies, unknown forms of life begin to emerge on….

Hunting Ava Bravo DownPit

Hunting Ava Bravo 2022 Review – DownPit

The Hunt for Eve Bravo is an American action thriller film directed by Gary Auerbach. Production of the film company “The Media Pro Studio”. Starring: Mark Blucas, Kate del Castillo,….


American Carnage 2022 Movie Review – DownPit

Siblings, Seth and Richard Gekko are two thieves and scammers who decided to work together to become famous throughout the world as the greatest villains of their generation. Watch free….

Look Both Ways DownPit

Look Both Ways 2022 Movie Review – DownPit

Look Both Ways is an American romantic comedy film directed by Wanuri Kahui. Produced by Catchlight Studios for Netflix. Cast: Danny Ramirez, Lili Reinhart, Aisha Dee, Amanda Jenkins, Luke Wilson,….

Day Shift 2022

Day Shift 2022 Movie Review DownPit

Netflix streaming service presents the American action comedy Day Shift, directed by director J.J. Perry, his previous works: Happy Holidays and Knockout. For him, this film was his directorial debut…..