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‘Night Swim’ reveals all your hidden fears under the surface. Bryce McGuire, the writer-director of Night Swim, was terrified by the supernatural swimming pool that served as the centerpiece of his film. However, what scared him even more was the idea of transforming his short film into a full-length feature.

The filmmaker remembered that witnessing the shortcomings of other ‘short film to features’ such as being underdeveloped, unrealized, or lacking a strong concept, discouraged them from attempting to adapt their short film into a feature for three years after its creation.

Despite the constant insistence that this should be included as a feature, and despite it aligning with the current trend set by David F. Sandberg’s Lights Out, I had no interest in making a movie that simply relied on repetitive jump scares. I wanted something more substantial, a larger mystery to unravel. For me, the true essence of the film lies in developing the characters. You can watch the latest Hollywood Films only on Flixtor without facing any problems.

Night Swim, a spine-chilling creation from renowned horror icons James Wan and Jason Blum, revolves around the Wallers, a family who unknowingly relocate to a new home with a sinister secret lurking in the backyard swimming pool. McGuire initiated his exploration by pondering several crucial inquiries. Currently, this gripping tale can only be experienced in theaters.

What kind of family is this? What were their desires? What benefits did they hope to gain from relocating to this house with a pool? Once you understand the positive aspects, it enables you to continue contemplating before the negative aspects arise,” he clarified. “I understood that this family must have had a genuine problem to solve, involving a father who was a professional baseball player and is now suffering from a degenerative illness. while attempting to rebuild their life. How can they find happiness in a more modest existence?

McGuire discovered his solution while searching for the American Dream.

“The pool, in my opinion, served as a representation of both mythology and symbolism. It symbolized that particular aspect of the American Dream – the chance to embrace and find contentment in one’s circumstances,” reflected the director. “Where does one find happiness? What lengths are they willing to go to attain it, and at what cost? I needed to grasp this concept, but it didn’t come to me immediately, so I patiently waited. It was akin to the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer, where they advised, ‘Don’t make a move until you see it.'”

Although Night Swim’s idea is unique, it incorporates all the surprise scares, storytelling elements, and traditional clichés that fans have grown accustomed to over the years. McGuire’s intention was not only to draw inspiration from his heroes but also to put his spin on the foundation they provided him.

Stephen King’s influence on this is not going to come as a surprise to you,” he chuckled. “I was raised on his books, and this pool became my Christine—my 1958 Plymouth Fury. This pool represented the transformation of a seemingly positive, innocent, or ordinary symbol of American culture into something terrifying and filled with deep psychological meaning.”