Most Action filled web series of 2020

Most Action filled web series of 2020

Most Action filled web series of 2020


Stargirl: It is a series adapted to the small screen of a teenager, Courtney Whitmore, who becomes a powerful superhero. This student inspires a strange group of young men who aim to stop villains from the past and present. The young Whitmore (Stargirl) has the mission of recovering the legacy of the Justice Society ofAmerica.
This fiction, written and directed by Geoff Johns (Suicide Squad), features Greg Berlanti (Flashpoint), Sarah Schechter (TheFlash) and Johns himself as producers. Watch free latest Hollywood movies and TV series online free on Afdah.


Betaal: Itintroduces us to a police force that has been hired to displace a tribe from its place of residence. These encounter an ancient curse and an army of zombie soldiers, so they will have to fight together to end this terrifying horde of the undead.
The remote village of Campa forest that they have to unintentionally evict to build a road is located on Betaal Mountain, the same place where a terrible curse rests that will not rest until it ends with all those who threaten their peace.


The Head: It is an apocalyptic story that focuses on an investigation into the unexplained death of a group of scientists in a strange way at a facility that has occurred at the South Pole. There is only one survivor, but he does not remember anything that happened.

The Head

It is only known that every April 29 in Antarctica, the sun goes down and does not rise again in the next six months. During that period of time, the scientific group has ended up dying less than one person. Through questions and flashbacks from the only survivors, they will try to find out the truth after this strange event.

Hightown: Criminal drama that focuses on a less than passionate agent of the Federal Fisheries Service, Jackie Quinones. Set in the middle of drug dealing on Cape Cod, Hightown begins when a lifeless body comes ashore and is discovered by Jackie. Until then, the young agent does not have much passion for her work and uses her weapon and insignia to seduce tourists. Jackie wants to help solve the case anyway, but the police don’t want her to go near the locations of the case.


Ju-On: Origins is the horror series that tells us what the curse is. Ju-On: When a person dies of intense anger, a new curse is born. It is installed where the person has died, or where the person used to be. Anyone who comes across the curse, either by having entered a cursed place or by having come into contact with someone already cursed, is tremendously affected, which is the origin of another new curse, thus being able to spread to other places. The outcome of the curse is death.